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2009 In Review!

Our latest album, NO NATIONS, along with our whole catalogue of music (including free-to-download rarities, remixes, b-sides, instrumentals, lyrics and live songs) is now available directly from us through this website. Click the MUSIC tab above to access all these

Ampersand Podcast

We stopped in to one of Canada’s national daily papers last week to tape two acoustic songs (Weathervanes and Heading For Nowhere) and to talk about Creative Commons, songwriting, touring in China, and other subjects on the table. Download the

More CBC

The CBC Canada Live performance, including special acoustic arrangements of the No Nations album, is now available for permanent downloading HERE.

Going Mobile

The Jets Overhead song “Blue Is Red” (from the Bridges album) has been used in Brazil for a national mobile ad. Check it out below!

Etalk, baby!

Holy Toledo! Jets Overhead are featured on tonight’s episode of eTalk on CTV Canada! Are we sophisticated enough? Check it out on CTV at 7pm EST to find out!

CBC Radio Heaven

Yep, we’re kind of in CBC radio heaven right now – as die hard fans of CBC Radio 1 and 2 in Canada, we are thrilled to be part of two sweet upcoming shows.
uno: Jets Overhead are featured on CBC


We’re superstoked that they used our tune “Where Did You Go” on tonight’s episode of House.  A great show that has the best theme song ever — am I right or am I right, people!!?? If you are looking for