“Beach Dream”

We have been posting a track-by-track analysis of our album “Boredom and Joy” in sequence. Keep checking back for new descriptions. “Boredom and Joy” will be released worldwide on October 2nd 2012. Here’s Antonia’s analysis of the albums second track:

“Beach Dream”

Our home, Vancouver Island, is very beach-y. Beaches are important: the shape, smell, landmarks of certain beaches are locked into our brains and hearts. There’s the beach you go to when you want to party, there’s the beach you go to when you’re falling in love or out of love, there’s the beach you go to when everything’s going wrong and you need to be by yourself and try and figure out why.

Beach Dream was formed in a delicious “Oh ya!” moment when we combined two different song chunks we were working on as a band. One of the chunks sprung from a particular special evening. That night, we decided to swap instruments to see what would happen. Little known fact: Piers Henwood can hold his own behind the drumkit.

I have a neat memory of one of our last nights in New York: Recording tambourine on Beach Dream as we sip sparkling wine while sweating and dancing around in a little overheated iso room at Flux Studios on the Lower East Side…The sky, a dark electric blue beaming through the window as the winter evening sets in.

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