Boredom and Joy

Everything feels pink. The streets of Victoria are exploding with cherry blossoms. Pink cheeks after walking home late after the show. Pink glow in your chest when that certain part happens in a song you love. Basically, we feel really pink and really good. And this is because we are extremely excited about the imminent release of our new album and the lovely summersault of activity and stuff that comes with it. So here finally are some juicy details!

1. The album will be called Boredom and Joy.
2. The album cover will be, you guessed it, pink!
3. The first single, also called “Boredom and Joy”, will be released through iTunes Canada on April 10th and will be available worldwide here on
4. The full album will be released in Canada on July 10th and will be available worldwide here on

We are buzzing with excitement to share the album and bring the songs to life onstage – an electric, impatient, hot-pink kind of buzz…