Boredom and Joy Out Now!

Last fall we lived in New York City for six weeks and made a record. Or did we? Yes, we did. I know we did, but sometimes it feels like a dream or someone else’s memory that I’ve confused with my own. But I have a list of things in my mind that I think about one by one, that remind me that it was real: a street in Chelsea, a bottle of wine, the smell in a store name “Gracefully”, a bridge, a door handle, a dog, a parade, a tree, a song playing in a taxi. And this: Boredom and Joy. I hear the songs and I remember standing in the vocal booth feeling faint with happiness, fingers tingling, heart exploding.

Digital copies can be purchased here:
US & Int’l:

Physical copies in Canada can be purchased at HMV locations, Archambault, Sunrise Records,, CD Warehouse & Ditch Records in Victoria.

– Antonia