We have been posting a track-by-track analysis of our album “Boredom and Joy” in sequence. Keep checking back for new descriptions. Here’s Antonia’s analysis of the album’s sixth track:


Sometimes lies turn into butterflies – they change from one thing into another and fly away from you.  Sometimes they start so small and sink deep in your chest, beating a nervous wing inside you, growing and waiting.  Human beings are hard-wired to lie, unfortunately.  We are too smart, selfish and emotional not to be drawn to the trick of it.

We wrote this song together as a band; the strange time signature and weird pulse wooed us into a a firm love affair.  Adam and I teased out the words later from neat lines that came out during long jam sessions on the song.  As an experiment one night, we switched the key and I took over the lead vocal from Adam.  Luckily he didn’t ask to switch it back because I would have said NO.


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