Bystander release day!

Sometimes a casual cool someone offers to take the next cab, because this one’s full. It makes sense, and you feel partly grateful but partly wistful because you were secretly looking forward to sitting squished right up next to them in the back of a cab.

BYSTANDER, our new digital EP, is that casual cool someone. The songs, recorded back during the original studio sessions for our last album, NO NATIONS, have been patiently waiting to arrive in the next cab, and now they’re finally here. There’s so much to tell them. So much has happened since we left them behind!

We left these extra songs from BYSTANDER behind for a reason: we wanted to keep NO NATIONS lean and we wanted to keep some melodies in the vault to surprise you. The songs from NO NATIONS are limber, satisfied, a little road-weary but wise, and thinking of making a midnight snack. The songs from BYSTANDER are crackling with energy from their wait, giving us a little head’s-up and a smack while we dig in to write our third full-length album during 2011. BYSTANDER is wistful, impatient and natural: reminding the band where we came from and whispering a riddle about where we’ve always wanted to go.