ISBB video premiere today!

Our new video for “I Should Be Born” is now premiering on (Canada) and (USA and Europe). The goal with this video was to create something that was visually arresting, very Vancouver-Island-ish, but ultimately quite simple. I had the idea of just sitting in the ocean, singing. I love being in the water. I have some very strong memories (both as a kid and now as an adult) of sitting up to my chest in the ocean and contemplating things. Isolating myself in the water. We shot the video in early April in the Pacific Ocean, and the water was freeeeeeeeeeezing. You can see that the Olympic Mountains in Washington State in the background are still covered in snow. But what a gorgeous evening it was and I had a little bottle of Jamiesons on shore that I could take a few sips from in between takes, so that helped keep my motor running. I remember thinking afterwards: well, i’m no Gisele, so who knows what the footage will look like, but that sure was a neat experience that I will think back to when I’m old and crispy and wondering what the hell life is all about. –Antonia