“Love Got in the Way Remixes”

People of the World – As you may have heard, we set up a remix contest for our track “Love Got in the Way” last September. We received submissions from across the planet and were completely blown away with the quality of the remixes. As a result, we decided that we couldn’t leave our favorites unnoticed. So, here’s the plan:

–       On November 6th, we will digitally release a collection of “Love Got in the Way” remixes on our Bandcamp page. This will include 8 remixes by fans and friends, the original album track and a previously unheard 2011 demo mix.

–       You will be able to “pay what you want” for the album and all proceeds will be donated to MusiCounts – Canada’s music education charity, which is helping keep music in schools across Canada. Musicounts’ mission is to ensure that all children in Canada have access to music programs through their schools regardless of their socio-economic circumstances. More on MusiCounts here: http://musicounts.ca/

–       The track listing will be as follows:

1) Love Got in the Way (Gold & Youth Remix)

2) Love Got in the Way (Donald Keydong Remix)

3) Love Got in the Way (Apparent Motion Remix)

4) Love Got in the Way (Space Pilot Remix)

5) Love Got in the Way (E39 Teenage Angst Mix)

6) Love Got in the Way (FLT Arpeggio Mix)

7) Love Got in the Way (Atakk’s Tropikal Mix)

8) Love Got in the Way (The Plain Ensemble Remix)

9) Love Got in the Way (Slow Low Mix)

10) Love Got in the Way (Original Demo Mix)

11) Love Got in the Way (Album Version)

Thanks again to all of the remixers for their hard work.

–       Jets Overhead