McPherson Show, 2011 News and 2010 Recap!

Confession time: I have an embarrassing, but devoted, love for the number 11. Well, I guess it’s odd numbers in general that I feel very passionately about; but 11’s…are pure magic. Now, I enjoy the start of the new year as much as the next person, but this particular turnover feels quite sweet and inspiring for Jets Overhead.

First off, 2011 is kicking off with a headline show at the lovely McPherson Playhouse here in Victoria on February 9th! It will be our first time ever playing this historic soft-seater and we will be joined by our friends Maurice. It will be an early show at 8pm, and open to all ages. More info on the LIVE page.

We will release an EP of new material worldwide on March 8th, including unreleased songs from the No Nations sessions and remixes. We are also now deep into the writing phase for our next full-length record and when I’m listening back to some of the stuff we’ve come up with so far I get a tingly, magic kind of feeling in my brain…strangely similar to the feeling one gets when you check the time randomly and the clock says 11:11. Oh, you don’t get that feeling? Weird.

2010 was an incredible year for us. Thinking back on it, it sort of seems fake? Coachella, Sasquatch, World Expo in Shanghai, one crazy awesome little tour in China, Rifflandia….sweet Zeus it was interesting, challenging, inspiring and so bloody fun that it all seems like a dream. But that was 2010. 10’s are ok. They are one of the few even numbers that I feel okay with. Oh, but 11. Hell-oooo 2011. You look good, you feel good, and we can’t wait to squeeze every ounce of nectar out of you!