Return to Hornby, US tour dates, etc.

Happy Summertime Greetings, everyone! So we are back settled into Victoria after an adventurous, rewarding and extremely sweaty tour in China, and are feeling like British Columbia’s official slogan “The Best Place on Earth” just went from being pompous and annoying to indisputably true! The weather couldn’t be more perfect and gorgeous, everyone is feeling healthy and supple, and there is music in the air. We are thrilled to be a part of the Hornby Island Festival, and can’t wait to take the stage this Sunday, August 1st, at Olsen’s Farm – a stunning, sweeping, piece of land that sits on the southwest tip of the most achingly beautiful of all the Gulf Islands. Thanks to pure genius of my parents, I’ve had the pleasure of spending good chunks of the year on Hornby Island since I was 6 months old. This is one of Canada’s magic spots – it shimmers in the air, the push and pull of the warm ocean water, the yellow cliffs throbbing, and the forest singing all night long with a thousand swaying branches and shaking leaves. It is also the island where we recorded much of No Nations (and snapped the photo below on a winter morning the day we recorded Weathervanes). We will be playing a special, Hornby-esque show for the festival: some funky stripped-down versions of songs, and breathing some new life into a handful of older tunes.

And how are we going to tackle the wistful come-down of getting to play such a show? With a hot little mini-tour down the west coast of the U.S. with shows in Seattle, Portland and LA! Here’s the deets if anyone will be in any of those lovely cities and wants to catch the show – we would love to meet you!

August 14 – Free outdoor show presented by 107.7 The End at Snoqualmie, WA
August 16 – Peter’s Room @ Roseland, Portland OR
August 19 – The Roxy, Los Angeles CA, presented by KROQ (9:15pm onstage)

Hope this message finds you all healthy and supple, and that there is music in your air, wherever you are! –Antonia

Hornby Island, BC

Hornby Island, BC