What You Really Want – Create your own version

What you think you want, what you should want, what you used to want, what you wish you wanted, what you shouldn’t want. There’s what your heart wants, what your gut wants, what your head wants and what your body wants.

What we really wanted was to know what YOU really want.

Murmur developed tellmewhatyoureallywant.com which was then extended as a platform that allowed us to find out. This process really showed us the power of a creative platform and how social media can pass on a message so quickly and fluidly. As we browsed through your submissions, we were inspired by your honesty and positivity… Thank you for sharing with us.

The interactive version of the video is now available on tellmewhatyoureallywant.com, where you can create your own rendition! Select the images (you can even add your own photo to the mix) and share your message with the world with your own unique link or by using the Facebook and Twitter icons!

The official video is available on rollingstone.com and our YouTube page.