“What You Really Want” Social Video

Hello out there and happy October 1st to everyone,

Hoping this email finds everyone happy, enjoying Fall and maybe getting what you really want out of life…or at least know what you really want? It’s not easy sometimes: to know what you want, and to be honest about it with yourself and everyone else. Believe me, we know. We wrote a song about it on our new album called “What You Really Want” – there’s one thing we know for sure: we really really want YOU to be in our music video. We would really love it if you would!

Here’s how it works – go to this website: www.tellmewhatyoureallywant.com . Follow the simple steps outlined there and bingo-bango-bongo you’ll be in our music video! Oh, and if you could do it by October 15th, that would be great.

Thanks for you interest and support.
We look forward to being in a music video with you, and learning a little bit more about what you really want.

Antonia and Jets Overhead

YouTube Preview Image