“What You Really Want”

We have been posting a track-by-track analysis of our album “Boredom and Joy” in sequence. Keep checking back for new descriptions. Here’s Antonia’s analysis of the album’s third track:

“What You Really Want”

What you think you want, what you should want, what you used to want, what you wish you wanted, what you shouldn’t want. There’s what your heart wants, what your gut wants, what your head wants and what your body wants.

We wanted this song to be heavy and weightless at the same time: like when you tell the truth about something – it can feel so big that you can’t breath, and so spacious that you float away inside of it.

In New York, our clever producer Emery wanted to marry some dark/lovely electronic beats into the mix – which brings to mind another interesting phenomenon: when you start to really want something because someone else wants it too.

– Antonia


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