“Your Desire”

We have been posting a track-by-track analysis of our album “Boredom and Joy” in sequence. Keep checking back for new descriptions. Here’s Antonia’s analysis of the album’s eighth track:

“Your Desire”

This started out as what we call a “bedroom” track – a song written alone then brought to the band finished or close to finished. Adam wrote and recorded a gorgeous demo of this one at his mum’s house on the Saanich peninsula over the course of a stormy winter day in 2011. Someone in his life was going through big emotional change and it had him pondering the ideas of motivation and desire; how they can sometimes feel out of reach, and other times feel as if they control and overwhelm you.

The track built slowly over the six weeks we were in New York with our producer, Emery Dobyns, creating layers of sounds and pushing us out of our comfort zone with the auto-tune effect on the vocals. The track took on a pulsating, burning energy that reminds me of a beating heart.

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